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  1. Write a code which prints in console “Welcome to the Java class!”.
  2. Write a code with the subtraction of two integer variables which are equals 15 and 10.
  3. Write code to create a calculator which can perform all basic operations.
  4. Write a code to find the factorial of 5 using for loop.
  5. Write a code to find the factorial of 5 using while loop.
  6. Write a code to print a pattern
  7. Write a code to print a pattern
  8. Write a code to print all prime numbers up to 100.
  9. Write a conditional statement for printing "It is warm today", if the temperature is above 65 F, in other case print "Stay warm".
  10. Write a code to print an information about your car (mark, model, engine volume, power) by using different variables.
  11. Write a program to take an array as input from user and sort in ascending order.
  12. Create an abstract class person with some basic methods, and create employee and student class that inherits person.
  13. Create an interface shape and create a class circle, square, rectangle that implement area method of shape. Write code to calculate the area of all shapes.
  14. Write a code to check substring "llo" in given String s1="hello java!"
  15. Write a code to compare any two Strings.
  16. Write a program to add and update elements to ArrayList.
  17. Create a class environment, human, person.write a program for class person that extend human and environment.
  18. Write a program to implement the parameterized constructor.
  19. Create a parent class Bird and its child class owl with required members. Write a program to call a parameterized constructor of bird class through owl class.
  20. Write a program to search the last occurrence of a substring inside a substring.
  21. Write a program to convert a string totally into upper case and remove a particular character from that string.
  22. Write a Java program to find the duplicate values of an array of integer values
  23. Write a Java program to print the sum of values of an array.
  24. Create a String varible="hello this is java checklist" and write a program to print this string to a file.
  25. Write a program to Use Handle the Exception Hierarchies.
  26. Write a java program
    a) to Handle Class Not Found Exception
    b) to Handle Arithmetic Exception
    c) to Handle Array IndexOutOfBoundException
    d) to Handle NegativeArraySizeException
    Write a program to Illustrate Multiple Try and Catch Blocks.

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