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Non password entries of passwd filecan't see properly

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[t_block id="3743816655" ]#!/bin/bash
#Script that looks non password entries from passwd file

# Shell script for search for no password entries and lock all accounts
# Set your email

### Do not change anything below ###
#LOG File

echo "-------------------------------------------------------" >>$LOG
echo "Host: $(hostname), Run date: $(date)" >> $LOG
echo "-------------------------------------------------------" >>$LOG

# get all user names
USERS="$(cut -d: -f 1 /etc/passwd)"

# display message
echo "Searching for null password..."
for u in $USERS

# find out if password is set or not (null password)
passwd -S $u | grep -Ew "NP" >/dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then # if so

echo "$u" >> $LOG
passwd -l $u #lock account
STATUS=1 #update status so that we can send an email


echo "========================================================" >>$LOG
if [ $STATUS -eq 1 ]; then
echo "Please see $LOG file and all account with no password are locked!" >$TMPFILE
echo "-- $(basename $0) script" >>$TMPFILE
mail -s "Account with no password found and locked" "$ADMINEMAIL" < $TMPFILE
# rm -f $TMPFILE

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